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By Anonym 15 Sep

Elizabeth Montagu

The outrages of the powerful, the insolence of the rich, scorn of the proud, and malice of the uncharitable, all beating against the broken spirit of the unfortunate.

By Anonym 13 Sep

Yann Martel

How long does it take for a broken spirit to kill a body that has food, water and shelter?

By Anonym 15 Sep

Joseph Conrad

And because you not always can keep your eyes shut there comes the real trouble--the heart pain--the world pain. I tell you, my friend, it is not good for you to find you cannot make your dream come true, for the reason that you not strong enough are, or not clever enough. . . . Ja! . . . And all the time you are such a fine fellow too! Wie? Was? Gott im Himmel! How can that be? Ha! ha! ha!" ’The shadow prowling amongst the graves of butterflies laughed boisterously.

By Anonym 13 Sep

Ed Stetzer

A church without the broken is a broken church.

By Anonym 14 Sep

Rose Kennedy

I tried to allow my children to take risks, to test themselves. Better broken bones than broken spirit.

By Anonym 14 Sep

Bill Maher

Married men live longer. Yes. And an indoor cat also lives longer. It's a furball with a broken spirit, that can only look out on a world it can never enjoy. But it does technically live longer.

broken spirit quotes
By Anonym 14 Sep

Christian Finnegan

Some of you guys must have real jobs - office jobs. Anybody? By a show of broken spirits.

By Anonym 20 Sep

Ikechukwu Izuakor

When words are too heavy for the mouth, the soul weeps in agony

By Anonym 19 Sep

Viet Thanh Nguyen

We must be vigilant, even of each other, but mostly of ourselves. What my time in the cave taught me is that the ultimate life-and-death struggle is with ourselves. Foreign invaders might kill my body, but only I could kill my spirit.

By Anonym 17 Sep

Jamie Weise

Maybe she had it wrong all this time and her empty heart could never be filled by his ingenious broken spirit. Maybe this yearning had nothing to do with him, and everything to do with her.

By Anonym 18 Sep

Dave Rudbarg

The journey of reinvention is one of raw emotions Emerging from dormancy Surprising as a paper cut Overwhelming as a hailstorm One part vulnerability One part rage One part surrender Uncomfortable Unfamiliar Unsure Fearful Alone Damaged Broken And finding a new Self Slowly Different Healing Humble Present Open Longing Free

By Anonym 13 Sep

Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Do not be too hard, lest you be broken; do not be too soft, lest you be squeezed.