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By Anonym 15 Sep

Alexander Freed

Does he look like a killer?" She was watching Cassian and Bodhi descend into the mud when she heard Chirrut's voice. She turned to look and saw he was speaking to Baze. "No," Baze said, after a moment of thought. "He has the face of a friend." "Who are you talking about?" she asked. Baze eyed her appraisingly. "Captain Andor," he said, flat. She should have been irritated by the curt explanation. Instead she could only muster vague confusion. "Why do you ask that?" she said, looking to Chirrut now. "What do you mean, Does he look like a killer?" "The Force moves darkly near a creature that's about to kill," Chirrut answered.

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Alexander Freed

The office on the other end of the comm was squawking at him. Bodhi ignored it. "Rogue One," he declared, "pulling away!

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Alexander Freed

Stardust," Jyn said. "It's that one." "How do you know that?" Curiosity and urgency mixed in his voice, as if he wanted to say: Be sure. Jyn was sure. "I know because it's me.

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Alexander Freed

He saw a figure in white robes near the bridge entrance and turned the tape over in his hand. He approached the woman and said, his tone respectful, "Your Highness. The transmission we received..." The woman looked toward him. He'd seen her face many times before, knew it well. She was young, seemed younger every day, even as her responsibilities grew and grew. He held out his hand. Childlike fingers took the tape. "What is it they've sent us?" he asked. Prince Leia Organa looked at him as if he'd placed another burden on her shoulders - another responsibility to add to a count of thousands - and she was proud to bear it. "Hope," she said. Raymus believed her.

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James Luceno

You don’t mind that the war will go on and on?” “Palpatine could have prevented it. Now it’s up to people like you to end it.” Tarkin nodded. “And so we shall.