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By Anonym 14 Sep

Sam Simon

Thanks to Bart Simpson, I have a pretty good life.

By Anonym 14 Sep

Bobby Heenan

[On Sting] He threw a sucker punch. There's the sucker who threw the punch. Him the the Bart Simpson hair doo.

By Anonym 19 Sep

Simon Singh

This special was followed one month later by “Bart the Genius.” This was the first genuine episode of The Simpsons , inasmuch as it premiered the famous trademark opening sequence and included the debut of Bart’s notorious catchphrase “Eat my shorts.” Most noteworthy of all, “Bart the Genius” contains a serious dose of mathematics. In many ways, this episode set the tone for what was to follow over the next two decades, namely a relentless series of numerical references and nods to geometry that would earn The Simpsons a special place in the hearts of mathematicians.

By Anonym 14 Sep

Matt Groening

My standard comment is, If you don't want your kids to be like Bart Simpson, don't act like Homer Simpson.

By Anonym 14 Sep

Amy Winehouse

I wanted to be Snoopy's girlfriend and when I got older I wanted to be Bart Simpson's girlfriend. Then I couldn't decide whether I wanted marry Snoopy or Michael Jackson - because he was God to me - or to just be them.