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By Anonym 16 Sep

Stephanie Lahart

It’s okay to celebrate yourself… It’s okay to see the best in yourself… It’s okay to be proud of yourself… It’s okay to think and speak highly of yourself… It’s OKAY. Yes, you can be humble, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with acknowledging your OWN self, too! If nobody else celebrates with you or for you, be your OWN motivation, inspiration, and encouragement… Keep allowing your greatness to shine bright!

By Anonym 18 Sep

Gina Greenlee

Opportunity to suspend disbelief is often why we watch movies. The stories and images touch us and shift perspectives in ways we may not allow in our daily lives. As readily as you check your “this isn’t real” attitude at the ticket counter – when transformers are defending earth against aliens and 21st century vampires frolic by daylight – on the big screen of your heart and mind train for, run and celebrate finishing your first marathon.

By Anonym 16 Sep

Assegid Habtewold

Initially, the world forces you to appease it and conform. If you do so, they despise you. If you stick your gun, finally, they will celebrate you. So, don't give in too soon.

celebrate you quotes
By Anonym 16 Sep

Amy Leigh Mercree

I celebrate who I am, what I love, and all of my blessings that lead to joy.

By Anonym 18 Sep

Tom Althouse

Pause, breathe, and lift, undefined, what is possible. Let the feeling of celebration come upon you, even if you do not comprehend cerebral reasons to justify it. For from that center, it will generate its own, able to carry you, until the original ones manifest, from that very portal you chose to fashion, unrestricted.

By Anonym 16 Sep

Olawale Daniel

It is better to be a king in the jungle and be celebrated than to be an unknown champion where you’d not be afforded the kind of respect you deserve.