Philosophy Quotes

"You will wander the dark places under the earth, but you will come back with the sun."
"You will miss a normal life while living a successful life, but not as much as the craving for a successful life while you were living a normal life."
"You will misjudge someone if you see them through the eyes of another."
"You will have relatively less problems to solve, if you don't confuse problems with inconveniences."
"You will find yourself in Love. I guarantee You. For it is You. You are Love."
"You will always end up in frustration whenever you try to produce outside your purpose."
"you will always die you will live forever you are nothing & nobody you are made of stars — you will be forgotten"
"You whisper, you keep quiet, you shout, you cry and then, you choose silence because, during some moments of life, you truly believe that nothing can make you smile again but soon, not so easily but definitely, you come across someone who falls in love with you, every inch and every part of you, with your scars, with your past, with your voice, with your twists and turns."
"You were naming my life, which is similar but not identical to saving. We name something to make it real, to give it meaning. You can name my life and I might still die. Those aren’t mutually exclusive."
"You were born unique. Do not let the world make you conform to the limitations present in the prevailing winds of thought. Be the unique breeze with no limits or destination and keep on flowing!"
"You want to know what's wrong with the world?" Dad paused. "It's this alienation that permeates every aspect of humanity."
"You want to become a better person? Just give thanks. Give thanks for all of it."
"You wander. You work nearly every job known to man, it seems, only to arrive at the wonderings of philosophy."
"You travel among the stars whilst I grovel upon this earth. Deep down I knew, it would take several more lifetimes before I could reach you."
"Youth's longing misconceived inconsistency. Those whom I deemed Changed to my kin, the friends of whom I dreamed, Have aged and lost our old affinity: One has to change to stay akin to me."
"Youth is to wander! Adult is to act! Age is to assimilate the beauty of thoughts."
"Youth is the most suitable age to enjoy the life completely or to work diligently for the life, what you decide makes your rest of the life ordinary or legendary respectively."
"Youth is lies. Youth is evil. Those who incessantly celebrate their teenage years are lying both to themselves and to those around them. These people interpret everything in their environment as an affirmation of their beliefs, and when they make mistakes that prove fatal, they see those very mistakes as proof of the value of the Teen experience, looking back on it all as part of a beautiful memory. For example, when people like this dirty their hands with criminal Acts like shoplifting or gang violence, they call it mere "youthful indiscretion." When they fail exams, they say that school is about more than just studying. they will twist any common sense or normal interpretation of their actions in the name of the word youth. In their minds, secrets, lies, and even crimes and failures are naught but the spice of youth. And in their wrongdoing and their failures, they discover their own uniqueness. they then conclude that these failures were all entirely part of the Teen experience, but the failures of others are merely defeat. If failure is the proof of the Teen experience, then wouldn't an individual who has failed to make friends be having the ultimate teen experience? But these people would never accept that as truth. Is there a certian are nothing but an excuse. Their principles are based entirely on their own convenience. Thus, their principles are deceit. Lies, deceit, secrets, and fraud are all reprehensible things. These people are evil. And that means, paradoxically, that those who do not celebrate their teenage years are correct and righteous. In conclusion: YOU NORMIES CAN GO DIE IN A FIRE."
"You think you're superior to the others, don't you? We'll you're not. In fact you're worse for mistaking basic human decency for moral superiority."
"You think the thing you call consciousness is some mysterious gift from the heavens, but in the end consciousness is nothing but the context in which your thinking occurs. Consciousness is the feel of accessing memory."
"You ‘think’ that you want or need to love and this is what stops you from truly loving."
"You the human are the highest temple of God. I would rather worship you, than worship any temple, image or book."
"You talk a lot about this amazing flow of time but you hardly see it. you see a women, you think that one day she'll be old, only you don't see her grow old. But there are moments when you think you see her grow old and feel yourself growing old with her: this is the feeling of adventure."
"You succeed only a fraction of the number of times you make an attempt at something. To increase your chances of success, you must increase your number of attempts, which means also increasing the number of your failures. - The Malwatch"
"You sound like a college freshman taking his first philosophy class way too seriously, but that's good."
"You shouldn't try to learn to fly by jumping off a cliff. Try gliding off a hill first, to make sure you've grown your wings. - The Malwatch"
"- You shouldn't flaunt your cross. I think religion it's a deeply personal thing. - Do you think boobs and ass are not personal things? People consider ordinary displaying them."
"You should, I need hardly say, live in such a way that there is nothing which you could not as easily tell your enemy as keep to yourself."
"You shall only continue to feel bitter when you continue to make your mind the door step for footprints of bitterness! When you mind your mind, you mind your mind, you mind your heart, you mind your body and you mind your spirit! The only rest stop in your body for bitterness is your mind. Don’t forget! mind your mind!"
"You shall only continue to feel bitter when you continue to make your mind the doorstep for footprints of bitterness! When you mind your mind, you mind your mind, you mind your heart, you mind your body and you mind your spirit! The only rest stop in your body for bitterness is your mind. Don’t forget! Mind your mind!"
"You see, with big life decisions such as this, I always say it’s best not to think about things too much, because you’ll probably talk yourself out of it. I have lived my life by that philosophy and on the whole it’s delivered below-par results. But I find it’s best not to think about this too much."
"You see the farthest when you strain your wings to land on the highest perch. - The Malwatch"
"You say love's so important, but how can you prove it? Love is like soap, it works if you use it."
"Your youth is certainly finished and old age has definitely arrived if you feel that you are losing enthusiasm, excitement and energy towards your dreams and goals."
"Your wishes doesn't come true, because there is someone else who is wishing harder and trying harder for the same wish."
"Your whole life, you are told what is right and what is wrong. What you should do and what you should not do. What makes a good citizen and what makes a traitorous one. What happens, then, when you do everything you are not meant to do? Break down each and every barrier? Find out how good you are by how evil you can be?"
"Your whole being is deeply troubled- personified the vision of a child's purity, lost in the wilderness of an ever-unchanging and imperfect world."
"Your volume speaks volumes. Be aware of your dynamics, your tones as well as the loudness and softness of your voice on the phone and in person."
"Your VISION and your self-willingness is the MOST powerful elements to conquer your goal"
"Your vicious enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unbridled soul."
"Your value and self-worth is not found in your former lover, not in the loving words of they spoke, not in the gentle ways that they held you, not in the sweetness of their kiss; but found in the love that you have for yourself."
"Your traditional EDUCATION is not going to CHANGE your life but the life you are experiencing that can change you. Choose a POSITIVE life STYLE with positive ATTITUDE which could bring you a life with HAPPINESS and WISDOM"
"Your thoughts make me miss you. I feel restless. I feel unhappy. I feel incomplete. I feel pain. And then when I go deep into my soul, I realize that I am complete by myself. I am whole."
"Your tenderness and sensitivity are unparalleled in this metaphysical world!"
"Your tactics are self-centered. You have forgotten that you are not the only player on the board, that inherent talent speaks for no more than experience, and that others around you seek to expand their authority and constrain yours."
"Your strength lies in knowledge, your power lies in wisdom, your treasure lies in understanding, and your wealth lies in life."
"Your spiritual goals can be as numerous as there are stars in the sky. And so can be your religions. But in all your vivid and diverse paths of practicing religion and spirituality, there is one very common and simple element that knows no bounds. That element is the eternal bliss that enables you to attain unimaginable feats of excellence. It is not tied to any scripture of yours, yet it is in every scripture of yours."
"Your smile is the twinkle of happiness. Your heart is the source of kindness. Your presence is the source of joyfulness. Your thoughts are symbols of greatness."
"Your shyness alone will bring you more emotional and material losses than all of your other negative attributes."
"Your religion...serves you only for an excuse for your faults, but is no incentive to your virtue."
"Your purpose is the reason that God created you, and it is only by making wise choices, only possible by relying upon God for wisdom, that we can see through the fog and burn away the dross at all costs."
"Your principle should be to see everything and say nothing. The world changes so rapidly that if you want to get on you cannot afford to align yourself with any person or point of view."
"Your position may be highly powerful, but you will be a hero only when you are highly respected."
"Your patterns of thought, existing bodies of knowledge, beliefs, predispositions, etc. are the 'stuff of your mental universe'. We are always subject to the power of our mental inertia. The waves in our mental oceans can never be magically stilled, and are therefore always impacting our new beliefs, even when we become scrutinizing adults. It is simply impossible to 'wipe the slate clean' and start over. These effects remain with us throughout our entire lives. Even the beliefs that we later discard are difficult to completely negate, and leave their own residual effects."
"Your past karma is what you found difficult or challenging in this life. To heal your past karma you would need to learn your life lessons for this life."
"Your pain defines you. Furthermore, those who are cushioned from pain are further from their truth than any other soul."
"Your never over the hill to find true love because sometimes, that's where it is"
"Your name may be 'writ in water', but for now, you have the great advantage of being a wave that can think."
"Your moral values & ability to rationalize; not your religious beliefs or political affiliations define what you should stand for in society."
"Your moral code begins by damning man as evil, then demands that he practice a good which it defines as impossible for him to practice…It demands that he starts, not with a standard of value, but with a standard of evil, which is himself, by means of which he is then to define the good: the good is that which he is not. A sin without volition is a slap at morality and an isolent contradiction in terms: that which is outside the possibility of choice is outside the province of morality. If man is evil by birth, he has no will, no power to change it; if he has no will, he can be neither good nor evil; a robot is amoral. To hold a man’s sin, a fact not open to his choice is a mockery of morality…To punish him for a crime he committed before he was born is a mockery of justice. To hold him guilty in a matter where no innocence exists is a mockery of reason. (The) myth decleares that he ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge-he acquired a mind and became a rational being. It was the knowledge of good and evil-he became a moral being…The evils for which they damn him are reasn, morality, creativeness, joy-all the cardinal values of his existence….the essence of his nature as a man. Whatever he was- that robot in the Garden of Eden, who existed without mind, without values, without labor, without love- he was not a man."
"Your money is just a condition to get my business, your professionalism is the price."
"Your mind will never be dull, if you remember there is never enough to learn for it to be to full."
"Your mind can see things which your eyes can never do."
"Your Maker has rescued you from the darkest corner of your own heart... What he asks in return is obedience. And the courage to do what is necessary."
"Your "look-alike" may be the result of one of the various possible futures happening simultaneously!"
"Your life is your artwork and you are to paint life as a beautiful struggle. With your brush, paint the colors of joy in vibrant shades of red. Color the sky a baby blue, a color as free as your heart. With rich, earthy tones shade the valleys that run deep into the ground where heaven meets hell. Life is as chaotic as the color black, a blend of all colors, and this makes life a beautiful struggle. Be grateful for the green that makes up the beautiful canvas, for nature has given you everything that you need to be happy. Most of all, don’t ever feel the need to fill the entire canvas with paint, for the places left blank are the most honest expressions of who you are."
"Your Life Determines Your Journey & Your Journey Determines Your Life"
"Your imagination, your will, your conscience – these are almighty – they make you achieve things that no human being has ever achieved in history."
"Your history flows from your hands write good chapters with them" RjS"
"Your heavenly eyes are shining like a late night star To be in heaven, I like to get lost in those eyes forever."
"Your heart will get you into trouble, but your strong mind will get you out of it."
"Your greatest enemies, are those who prevent you from learning all there is to know and more."
"Your friends can be double-edged knife thy can either nurture you or destroy you. Choose them Wisely......"
"Your friend Plato holds that commonwealths will only be happy when either philosophers rule or rulers philosophize: how remote happiness must appear when philosophers won't even deign to share their thoughts with kings."
"Your fear of becoming a cliche is what turns you into one. If you remove the fear, we are all really walking contradictions, hypocrites and paradoxical cliches"
"Your eyes tell me everything about you. Your words only confirm it."
"You're writing every moment in your mind but not putting it down on paper. Write your thoughts; it will be beautiful."
"You're perched on a ledge, waiting for the wind to catch your wing edges. - The Malwatch"
"You're only old when your dreams become dull. - The Malwatch"
"You're much better off with a dog than a dogma."
"You’re better looking than me. You’re more intelligent than me. Your personality is more likable than mine. You make more money than me. Your family is nicer than mine. Your religion is better than mine. You’ve seen more beaches than me. You’ve been to more cities than me. Your automobile is nicer than mine. Your significant other is better looking than mine. Your candidate won. Your home team won. You’re number one. But life is a tie. We all die."
"Your dreams will come true, but only when they’re supposed to and not a moment before."
"Your brain is an accelerating gravity free zone. While Intelligence leverages it, Intellectuality erodes it!"
"Your body may not be, but the quintessence your being and entity is made-up of, is forever."
"Your autobiography of tomorrow is written in your deeds of today" RjS"
"Your attention is so sacred that if you truly look for beauty and grace, you will find it in everything."
"Your aspirations are deeply influenced by your inspirations. Don't produce bad situations due to a lack of creative ambitions."
"Your actions earn you more respect than your social status and age put together. ~Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu"
"Your actions create an "energy vortex" that draws in the necessary ingredients for your venture."
"Your ability is your power. Others’ opinions can make it sour."
"Your abilities are not enough to fulfill your wishes, so work considering your wishes and not your abilities."
"Young people everywhere have been allowed to choose between love and a garbage disposal unit. Everywhere they have chosen the garbage disposal unit. [Entre l'amour et le vide-ordure automatique la jeunesse de tous les pays a fait son choix et préfère le vide-ordure.]"
"Young men and women in large numbers choose to go to college. On Dewey's theory, only too well accepted by the students, the reason cannot be any intrinsic value in knowledge. To give such a reason would be to flee from reality and take refuge in the discredited Aristotelian ivory tower. For the young man, college is a means of getting a better job; for the young women, it is a means of getting a better man. But neither the family that marriage brings nor the food that the job supplies is to be chosen for any intrinsic quality."
"You never saw an angel, because they don’t exist – at least not in this Reality. They do exist in the realm of imagination – but then, just about anything can be conjured up there in a mind steeped in myth and lore."
"You never know how strong you are until you've been tested. People will try you on every level. They may think because you're not loud or rude like them that you won't put them in their place. But, push the wrong buttons and you'll soon find out."
"You need to belong to yourself, and let others belong to themselves too. You need to be free and detached from things and your surroundings. You need to build your home in your own simple existence, not in friends, lovers, your career or material belongings, because these are things you will lose one day."
"You need not to hate most of the people, life already hates them."
"You need not to love everyone, but you need to be polite with everyone, people will appreciate your politeness more than your love, because politeness is sweeter than love."
"You must not love yourself. I’ll tell you, mademoiselle … your life belongs to you. Only a matter of treating your life a little better and maybe life would treat you better in return."
"You must go to the school or to the books or on the field because knowledge doesn't come to you, you must go to the knowledge."
"You must explore beyond that of any other before you; you must seek new discoveries; then come ever so closer to revealing the ultimate mystery."
"You must convince your chiefs that what you're telling 'em is important, which ain't difficult, since they want to believe you, having chiefs of their own to satisfy; make as much mystery of your methods as you can; hint what a thoroughgoing ruffian you can be in a good cause, but never forget that innocence shines brighter than any virtue, "Flashman? Extraordinary fellow - kicks 'em in the crotch with the heart of a child"; remember that silence frequently passes for shrewdness, and that while suppressio veri is a damned good servant, suggestio falsi is a perilous master."
"You move into the darkness, wrapping it around you like a heavy cloak. You dive into it naked like a midnight swim, slip beneath its covers and invite it to envelope you, as a dream. You lose yourself in the richness of its mysteries. You start to become the darkness. It starts to become you."
"You might be an admirer of roses, but pardon me, I am a worshiper of their roots."
"You may recite or listen to countless scriptures, but you will not be established within until you can forget everything."
"You may not appreciate the presence of good health, but you will definitely regret the absence of good health, because health is happiness."
"You may never understand us, so it's natural you don't give a good manner towards us. It's logical."
"You may have no computer, but thank The Divine One for giving you a brain. You may have no television, but thank The Divine One for giving you an imagination. You may have no counselor, but thank The Divine One for giving you a conscience. You may have no binoculars, but thank The Divine One for giving you eyes. You may have no megaphone, but thank The Divine One for giving you a mouth. You may have no defender, but thank The Divine One for giving you hands. You may have no food, but thank The Divine One for giving you teeth. You may have no car, but thank The Divine One for giving you feet. You may have no degrees, but thank The Divine One for giving you talents. You may have no job, but thank The Divine One for giving you potential. You may have no career, but thank The Divine One for giving you inspiration. You may have no money, but thank The Divine One for giving you ambition. You may have no possessions, but thank The Divine One for giving you character. You may have no titles, but thank The Divine One for giving you honor. You may have no magic, but thank The Divine One for giving you intuition. You may have no friends, but thank The Divine One for giving you angels."
"You may have fallen down, but you can get back up again. You may have doors shut, but new doors will open for you. You may have been lied on, but the truth will come to the light. You may have been hurt, but the pain will pass. You are a survivor. You have a history of surviving."
"You may have a guardian angel, but I have a uzzi. You work out who's gunna come out on top!"
"You may fall down in life, Lift yourself up and be strong. To stand up, you should know what falling down is like."
"You may be James the American, or Mary the British, or anything else, but before all that, you are a human."
"You may believe that civilization deafens us with tens of thousands of voices, but listen well to that clamour, for with each renewed burst so disparate and myriad, an ancient force awakens, drawing each noise ever closer, until the chorus forms but two sides, each battling the other. The bloody lines are drawn, fought in the turning away of faces, in the stoppering of ears, the cold denial, and all discourse, at the last, is revealed as futile and worthless."
"You look back in time to when there was slavery and you think 'how did people even remotely believe that this was a good idea?'. It's incomprehensible for us to think of what the mindset was 100 or 200 years ago. I hope to make the present as incomprehensible to the future as the past is to us."
"You look at everything wrong, and so long as you do so, this life will forever remain a tragedy to you, and the best things that lie in front of you will be forgotten for something that matters but little, simply because that matters little which one cannot have, and what is the point in wanting that which we cannot have if it takes away from the things in which we can have. “And what can we have?” I asked. Life, and the greatness that comes from living it. You are unique toilet, it is possible that in all of history, and all of the future there will never be one such as yourself. You are an individual, and being an individual you are as a star that shines but once, so shine brightly."
"You'll never end up in a museum if you spend your whole life painting fences."
"You'll have to sheath your claws if you want to land on a slick surface, or you'll find yourself scrabbling around with no purchase. - The Malwatch"
"You'll break a wing trying to fly through a storm. Better to navigate around it. - The Malwatch"
"You live in a deranged age - more deranged than usual, because despite great scientific and technological advances, man has not the faintest idea of who he is or what he is doing."
"You like me not because I like you. I like you just because I like me."
"You know you’re not perfect and that’s good. Perfect is boring. You have a lot to offer. A lot more to experience and so many things to learn. There are more pages to fill up so act your age."
"You know, that’s the trouble with humanity—half of the dreamers want to carry us forward, kicking and screaming, into an unrealistic and unattainable future, and the other half want us to fall back into an imaginary ‘simpler time’ when everything was easy."
"You know, sometimes I think this is just not it,” he said, his glasses flashing from the early night’s light. He turned toward me in a thoughtful pause. “You know what I mean, Tom?” he asked. “It’s just not."
"You know, it’s really very peculiar. To be mortal is the most basic human experience, and yet man has never been able to accept it, grasp it, and behave accordingly. Man doesn’t know how to be mortal. And when he dies, he doesn’t even know how to be dead."
"You know, I don't believe that religions are religions. No, I believe they are philosophies with some good ideas and some fuckin' weird ones."
"You know a person is teaching the truth when no one debates it." ~ Amunhotep El Bey"
"You in the Milieu are lucky. You can change your form to do whatever you desire. Not all in the Dreammaker's realm are so lucky. As I am, they are locked to one form. - The Malwatch"
"You have to be strong enough to stand up for what you believe, even if you are standing alone."
"You have the power to strip away many superfluous troubles located wholly in your judgement, and to possess a large room for yourself embracing in thought the whole cosmos, to consider everlasting time, to think of the rapid change in the parts of each thing, of how short it is from birth until dissolution, and how the void before birth and that after dissolution are equally infinite."
"You have strength born of years of grief and anger... The strength of a man denied revenge."
"You have sacrificed justice to mercy. You have sacrificed independence to unity. You have sacrificed reason to faith. You have sacrificed wealth to need. You have sacrificed self-esteem to self-denial. You have sacrificed happiness to duty."
"You have only mastered peace when you have conquered bitterness, mastered patience when you have conquered anger, mastered joy when you have conquered sorrow, mastered strength when you have conquered pain, mastered contentment when you have conquered greed, mastered truth when you have conquered ignorance, mastered faith when you have conquered doubt, mastered courage when you have conquered fear, mastered kindness when you have conquered intolerance, mastered humility when you have conquered ego, mastered joy when you have conquered grief, mastered hope when you have conquered despair, mastered mercy when you have conquered wrath, mastered love when you have conquered hate, mastered life when you have conquered death, and mastered light when you have conquered darkness."
"You haven't rewarded evil unto them who were at peace with you; nor you have delivered them that without cause is your enemy. But they want to tread down your soul upon the earth, and lay your honour in the dust."
"You have not escaped his notice either- you are here by 'a call' not by choice."
"You have no power over your thoughts, but you do over your words. You have no power over your feelings, but you do over your deeds. You have no power over your circumstances, but you do over your response. You have no power over your reality, but you do over your reaction. You have no power over your background, but you do over your perspective. You have no power over your birth, but you do over your experiences. You have no power over your past, but you do over your present. You have no power over your history, but you do over your future. You have no power over your fortune, but you do over your actions. You have no power over your reputation, but you do over your character. You have no power over your destiny, but you do over yourself. You have no power over anyone, but you do over your world."
"You have made the moon," The Jester said. "That is the moon."
"You have given intelligence to find one solution, and imagination to find ten."
"You have compassion but by itself it is not enough. It is almost as if you carry around inside you some dead thing. Some heavy black cinder in your heart that burdens you; a ponderous anchor that tethers you to the past. Until you can burn it away, you can never truly live in the present, in the now. Until you can live in the now, you cannot see things as they really are. Meantime you are a man who is wilfully blind. You have eyes and yet you will not use them."
"You have a standing invitation to experience God's presence but you have to pay attention because attention creates access."
"You got to die for 'It'. Or you'll remain a religious nutcase. In other words, a dickhead, nitwit."
"You encounter, at its core, a subjective Reality, one based on meaning and value reflective of your own Self, not an objective universe, cold, particle-based and indifferent as science projects."
"You dream of a new world to come, a new world to be birthed, a new dream to be dreamt. In the dream, a flower grows, a lotus from which the creator and the creation will unfold. From which light will begin to shine upon this vast dark sea, unveiling all the magic sleeping within. From this flower, infinite worlds and universes will be born. Each will contain a seed of light. And these seeds will light the heavens for all to guide their journeys by."
"you don't want to be hurt that's why you throw your fellow sheep away yes you will no longer be hurt but the sheep you throw away is now walking to dark forest where a hungry pack of wolves are waiting, where he will face death."
"You don’t need money to be generous. You don’t need education to be wise. You don’t need fame to be important. You don’t need charisma to be influential. You don’t need titles to be honorable. You don’t need awards to be special. You don’t need medals to be extraordinary. You don’t need consent to be yourself. You don’t need approval to be unique. You don’t need a license to be creative. You don’t need authorization to dream. You don’t need acceptance to be gifted. You don’t need youth to be a champion. You don’t need old age to be a hero. You need skill, not temper, to be a warrior. You need love, not rage, to be an activist. You need compassion, not robes, to be a priest. You need confidence, not ego, to be a politician. You need integrity, not charm, to be a leader. You need wisdom, not theories, to be a master. You need character, not size, to be a champion."
"You don't have wings? Everyone has wings! You just can't see them yet. - The Malwatch"
"You don't have to position yourself in front of people to be used by God. You don't have to convince anyone that you are good enough for the voice of God, just be grateful that God chooses who He wills and once He is ready to use you, no devil in hell can stop Him."
"You don't have to live in anyone's shadow. Allow your unique characteristics to shine forth and Illuminate your way."
"You don´t have to let it linger Within the palm of your hand, The tip's already in your finger: All beginning comes to an end."
"You don't have to grow horns to fight, but you should definitely grow some armor. - The Malwatch"
"You don’t have to choose between being scientific and being compassionate."
"You don't have to be educated to be intelligent, eloquent to be wise, rich to be powerful, famous to be important, shameful to be popular, prominent to be superior, wealthy to be generous, influential to be fortunate, celebrated to be kind, famous to be hopeful, shameful to be happy, celebrated to be blessed, heartless to be strong, militant to be firm, loud to be assertive, cocky to be ambitious, overbearing to be dominant, nor aggressive to be determined. And you also don't have to be connected to be successful, gifted to be great, talented to be exceptional, connected to be brilliant, gifted to be extraordinary, talented to be successful, weak to be humble, frail to be meek, timid to be gentle, delicate to be humane, tame to be peaceful, vulnerable to be moderate, schooled to be cultured, literate to be civilized, conceited to be sophisticated, refined to be accomplished, well-bred to be polished, nor learned to be enlightened."
"You don’t approve?” Joan asked, picking up on Delphine’s tone. “Their stories were for themselves, not the Mirrors.” “What do you mean?” said Bea. “Certainly sometimes a good little character would find a lamp, and would not be so corrupted by the strangely endless possibilities of three wishes that they ended up causing more harm than they ever imagined. Those stories fostered belief, they were retold, certainly; but they were few and far between. Most of the genie’s tales showed the characters exactly who they really were, not when they were despised and degraded, not when they’d reached the gutter and been given licence to look at the stars. No, the genies showed them who they were when they were invincible. The characters, they try to forget stories like that."